Life Goes On (Sept 2018)

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A moving new musical about grief, loss, and somehow finding the strength to move on. A trauma surgeon, a Ukrainian immigrant, a foster child, a home-school mom and a widow all try to find their way through their loss and ultimately toward one another.

Book and Lyrics by Jeremiah Gamble
Music by Vanessa and Jeremiah Gamble


Directed by Jeffrey S. Miller
Music Director, Michael Pearce Donley
Stage Manager, Sarah Pierucki
Scenic Design by Katie Phillips
Lighting Design by Courtney Schmitz
Costume Design by Amber Brown
Choreography/Movement by Kelly Foster-Warder
Props by Nate Farley
Musical Arrangements by Michael Pearce Donley


Featuring: Bob Beverage*, Katie Consamus*, Falicia Cunningham, Vanessa Gamble, Janet Hanson, and Dee Noah* with musicians Michael Pearce Donley, Chris Erickson and Brian Lenz. (* Member, Actors’ Equity)

Premiered September 2019


Art House North, 793 Armstrong Ave., Saint Paul, MN  55102


Runtime: Approximately 90 minutes. Presented in one act without an intermission.

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A Note from the Writer


Every show I write starts with some little agitation in my soul– something I need to deal with, explore and ruminate on to help me make sense of life. I lost my dear grandparents recently. And my father-in-law recently discovered his birth family- and suddenly our family was making connections with family we never knew we had. And I’m in a season of life where I am mindful that the art Vanessa and I create and the amazing kids we’re raising will live beyond us. As life goes on, I’ve worked at becoming more resourceful at harvesting moments that help me see the good in the world. I wrote this musical because I need tangible reminders of all there is to be grateful for. I think we all do.



“I cannot recommend Life Goes On enough. This new musical did evoke deep sorrow, but it also conjured laughter, joy, and comfort… I left feeling alive and grateful for all the people who fill my life with love.” -Aisle Say Twin Cities
The full review from Aisle Say Twin Cities.


“It’s a beautiful story of grief, forgiveness, connection, love and family… an intimate experience that’s engaging and moving… #bringtissues when you go to see this lovely and real new musical.” -Cherry and Spoon
The full review from Cherry and Spoon.


“An engaging story… centered on an ensemble of five very impressive women, brought to life by equally impressive performers… This is a hell of a good production of a new piece of musical theater…” – Matthew Everett
The full review from Matthew Everett.


“The depth and truth of Life Goes On is stunning. Like all the best stories, it is universal… it strikes precisely at what it is to be human.” – Say Entirely
The full review from Say Entirely.


I have seen a thousand shows–what I saw on that stage touched my soul–you guys are great story tellers. – Audience Member


Love this show!!! It hits all the feels – hi and low and everywhere in between. – Audience Member


You handled a most difficult theme with gentle authenticity. I’m not sure I ‘enjoyed’ it, but I needed it. Thank you for using your minds, your imagination, your art to help us wrestle with truly difficult issues. The writing, the acting, the pacing, the score, the musicianship–all superb. I commend you for doing the work with excellence and doing the work that matters. – Audience Member


I can’t say enough good things about this play. I was blown away by the writing, the music, the actors and all the feels. The standing ovation wasn’t nearly long enough. – Audience Member


I did not know what to expect from this play but what I can say now is that my cup runneth over. I was astounded by the quality of voices of every single cast member. Among the best that I have heard honestly. For under $30 you can see theater and hear music every bit as good as anything Minneapolis or New York city has to offer. – Audience Member


If you see just one Bucket Brigade show (and you should see them all!), this is the one. So smart, beautiful, moving – a truly wonderful journey!!!!! – Audience Member


Take a chance on some great theatre in St Paul and go see Bucket Brigade’s production of Life Goes On – stellar work, and it will make you feel warm, fuzzy, sad, happy, every part of the spectrum – it’s what theatre is supposed to do. – Audience Member


Stunning production, you forget they’re acting, so real, so hard, so beautiful. – Audience Member


I have just got to tell you how wonderful your show was last night. You had a way of addressing every issue in such a deep yet soothing way. I just have to let you know how much it meant to us in our healing journey. – Audience Member


I can’t tell you how powerful this show was for me. We got 4 tickets for Saturday to experience it again. – Audience Member


I was blown away by this show. My husband and I went on a date night and randomly looked for a local show and came upon yours. I was so moved and warmed by the story and performances. I will definitely go to your next show! – Audience Member


I just left the matinee. My heart was deeply moved and I am breathing with gratitude. – Audience Member


So relatable, touching, hilarious, and heartbreaking all wrapped into one roller-coaster ride that I didn’t want to end. I can’t wait for your next production. Will follow this group from now on. – Audience Member

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