Big, Little Monster (October 2020)

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All humans know that monsters are scary, but a lesser-known fact is that monsters are NEVER, EVER scared. Then why is Jr. Monster afraid for his first day of Fright School? And can he find the courage to dare what no monster has ever dared? A monstrously fun, silly and surprisingly moving new musical for humans of all ages reminding everyone who struggles with fear and anxiety that they’re not alone.

Book and Lyrics by Jeremiah Gamble
Music and additional lyrics by Noah Riemer


Concept by Jeremiah Gamble
Direction by Matthew Greseth
Stage Manager, Sarah Pierucki
Scenic Design consultation by Katie Phillips
Costume Design by Jeremiah Gamble
Choreography/Movement by Megan Kelly Hubbell
Props by Nate Farley


Featuring: Jeremiah Gamble and Daniel Greco with Michael Pearce Donley and Christopher Erickson as The Monster Band.



“Big, Little Monster is a treat for all!… Brings an impactful message.”  – Aisle Say Twin Cities
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“Hilarious, masterful, and so much truth. I was enthralled. It needs to go on the road.” – Audience Member


“Our family adored this musical. Funny, touching, delightful and very kid-friendly. ” – Audience Member


“What a wonderful show. Funny, quirky, silly, and packs a big emotional punch.” – Audience Member


“This all-ages show flexes creative genius, wit, catchy music, humor, and unique audience participation. It was so fun, engaging, heartwarming, and encouraging.” – Audience Member


“Joy overload!” – Audience Member


“I can still hear the sweet giggles from my grandkids” – Audience Member


“We felt all the feels. The “It’s Okay” song totally made me bawl at the end.” – Audience Member


“Just wanted to share that as my daughter stood alone at the bus stop in the early morning light at 7:05 I could hear,  from my doorstep, her singing  across the street…’It’s Okay, it’s okay…’ – Audience Member


“The audience participation was perfectly orchestrated.” – Audience Member


“Funny, touching, inspiring and catchy.” – Audience Member

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