Kingdom Undone

Photo by Matthew AbelerPhoto by Matthew Abeler2016 Production of Kingdom Undone at Art House NorthPhotos by Matthew Abeler. 2016 Production...

By Jeremiah Gamble

Music and lyrics by Jeremiah and Vanessa Gamble

Directed by Jeffrey S. Miller

Music arranged and directed by Michael Pearce Donley

Lighting Design by Courtney Schmitz

Scenic Design by Justin Barisonek

Costumes by Nadine Grant and Joy Donley

Choreography by Betsy Mills

Fight Choreography by Mike Anderson

Featuring a talented cast of stand-out Twin Cities talent:
Ben Bakken, Pete Colburn, Nathan Cousins, Derek Ewing, Jeremiah and Vanessa Gamble, Matt Greseth, Eric Heltemes, Christopher Kehoe, Dan McLaughlin, Nathaniel Norton, Gail Ottmar, Arnie Roos, Maureen Sherman-Mendez*, and Tristan Tifft. (*Member Actors’ Equity)

The critically acclaimed passion play with a compelling twist on the last days of Judas and Jesus gets an immersive restaging in an intimate new venue. The audience will be surrounded by the action, and sometimes directly involved in it– the two Acts being bridged by an interactive Passover “meal” with fresh baked bread, olive oil and herbs.

When revolution spins out of control, Judas Iscariot, and a young Zealot named Isaac, rush toward their ultimate liberation, or their undoing. Kingdom Undone merges earthy drama and soaring music with the passion of Jesus’ final days and the messy justice that turned the world on its head.



What critics say:

“This has the potential to become an estimable piece in the Passion literature.”

– Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

“Kingdom Undone is a labor of love by artists who really know what they’re doing.”

-Matthew Everett, T.C. Daily Planet

“Remarkably intelligent… a first rate production.”

-John Olive, How Was the Show

“Kingdom Undone tackles a big story with solid success.”

-Ed Huyck, City Pages

“Intellectually challenging and enlightening… Kingdom Undone provides an interesting venue for thinking in new ways about a very old story.”

-Sophie Kerman, Aisle Say Twin Cities

“It moved even this neo-Pagan-Unitarian-Universalist-Yogi. It’s a powerful story.”

-Reviewer, Cherry and Spoon

A bit of history:

After three years of research and writing, the first official draft of Kingdom Undone was completed September, 2010. A group of artist friends and colleagues gathered to read the first draft. Revisions were made and original songs were workshopped with Nautilus Music Theater’s Rough Cuts Series, January 2011. The script was rewritten and workshopped with fifteen actors in April 2011. After some revisions it was determined that the script was ready for production. New songs were workshopped with Nautilus Music Theater ‘s Rough Cuts series again in January, 2012. Kingdom Undone premiered to critical and audience acclaim March 2012 at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis, MN.


From writer, Jeremiah Gamble:

It’s an intimidating task, as a writer, to put Jesus onstage. But it’s also equally intriguing. I decided I wanted to take a close up look at the “passion” story– focusing on the relationships, struggles and inner motivations of the characters.”


Passion plays have been around forever, but let’s be honest, they have a rather chequered past. Tragically, the passion story has even been used to vilify Jews, to oppress, divide and demean. I believe the passion story is one of sacrifice, redemption, and restoration. And we’ve seen that this story told well and with that spirit of redemption meets people where they’re at: artists, audience members, volunteers, christians, agnostics, atheists. It engages people, moves them, and challenges them.