‘Til Death

Book by Jeremiah Gamble

Music and Lyrics by Jeremiah and Vanessa Gamble

• Directed by Joy Donley

• Music Arrangement & Accompaniment by Michael Pearce Donley

• Scenic Design by Katie Philips

• Lighting by Erin Belpedio

• Choreography by Betsy Mills

• Stage Manger– Katie Sondrol

• Featuring the theatrical talents of two real-life-couples: Jeremiah & Vanessa Gamble as Ethan & Olivia and
Alec Leonard and Sharayah Bunce as Leslie & Freddie!

Returns FEBRUARY 2018- Stay tuned for details!


Thursdays-Saturdays, 7:30pm.

Art House North, 793 Armstrong Ave., Saint Paul, MN  55102

Tickets: $20 Thursdays, $25 Fridays/Saturdays
($2 Discount for students, seniors 65+, and groups of 10+, $3 discount for groups 20+)

Roasty coffee and artisanal cupcakes from local West 7th bakery, Brake Bread, included!
(Gluten-free options available and equally tasty)


> Tickets Go On Sale November 2017


What people are saying:

” A charming, silly,  funny and at times poignant musical comedy about love and relationships… with catchy songs and great performances.” -Cherry and Spoon

“Hilarious, yet serious, touching, but not sappy. Made me think long and hard after it was over.”


“If you haven’t seen Til Death at Art House North, you’re not living. Five thumbs up. Ten stars. All of the things. You seriously need to see this show. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry and you’ll laugh while you’re crying.”


“Touching, tear-jerking show. Delightful and moving.”


“Great date night! The right blend of touching and humorous, and bits every couple can relate to. Go! You’ll be glad you did.”


“Phenomenal show! The cupcakes are really good, too!”


“Wonderful show! Perfect timing, perfect balance. Go see it! Take a friend!”


“Charming, funny, good music and voices. Saw it last night to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary! Go!”


“Amazing, funny, touching and so true!”


“Totally blown away! Loved every minute of the performance!”


“We cannot say enough good things about your performance. We are avid theatre goers from NY – You guys are sooooo incredibly, multi-faceted talented! Your voices, acting, comedic deliveries were spot on. Totally blown away. We want to see EVERYTHING you guys put on.

A bit of history:

‘Til Death premiered at Open Window Theater in Minneapolis, MN in the fall of 2012. The show toured in winter of 2013 and was produced at Art House North winter of 2014.


From writer, Jeremiah Gamble:

We always learn something new when we write a show– about life, about ourselves. Creating art is therapeutic and, frankly, after 14 years of marriage and running a theater company together, we thought a little self induced “art therapy” wouldn’t hurt.


We wanted to take an inward look at our own struggles of trying to practice forgiveness and live out a committed relationship. So… there’s definitely some fact mixed with fiction in this show. As I began to flesh out these characters I found myself often drawing on very familiar source material. As we say in our opening song, ‘There’s more drama here than just what’s on the page.’



Questions about the production, upcoming performances, or interested in getting the rights to produce the show? Email us at info@bucketbrigadetheater.com