A world premiere of our brand-new musical and the return of our hit Valentine’s classic! Give Netflix a break and see some professional theater in your neighborhood– awaken your imagination, enliven your spirit, and give your belly laugh a good work out. It’s greatly enjoyable AND good for you (sort of like red wine and dark chocolate).

October 6th - 28th, 2017

The world premiere of our newest musical! A Prohibition-era Americana musical loosely inspired by the biblical story of Samson.

Gifted with unnatural strength, Sam Jr. wants to accomplish great things, but his reverend father seeks to shelter him from the wide world.  Sam and his father get caught up in a tangled mission of truth, where lies get revealed at great cost.


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February 2nd - 24th, 2018

The hit Valentine’s musical returns! It’ll have you elbowing your date in the ribs, laughing ’til you cry and/or crying ’til you laugh.

“A charming, silly, and at times poignant musical about love and relationships… with catchy songs and great performances.” – Cherry and Spoon


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Our venue– Art House North

All our performances are at Art House North- a venue for cultivating art & community in the West Seventh neighborhood of Saint Paul.

Art House North
793 Armstrong Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55102