Bucket Brigade does the hard work of crafting and telling new stories… because it matters.

Here’s what audiences had to say about our newest musical, Life Goes On:


• “I have seen a thousand shows–what I saw on that stage touched my soul.”

“It’s what theatre is supposed to do.”

“I commend you for doing the work with excellence, doing the work that matters, for bringing into existence a story that will impact some of us for years to come. What you are doing matters. It does.”


Those words sum up why we create new work and why we’ll keep doing it.


We’re also passionate about working with students to help them find their creative voice and tell their stories. Here’s what parents had to say about our 2018 Summer Theater Camps:


• “The kids were so comfortable in their own skin.”

“It wasn’t like any performance I’ve seen.”

“I asked my daughter if she made any friends at Theater Camp. She replied, ‘Mom, they’re all my friends.’”


Those words sum up why we do Summer Theater Camp and why we’ll keep doing it.


But we can’t continue to do this good work without you. Your donation will help us create art, tell stories and inspire students… because it matters. Your tax deductible gift will help us reach our year end fundraising goal of $20,000 so we can write and produce our next new show, get our existing work in front of a broader audience, and work with students through our 2019 Summer Theater Camps to help them find their creative voice.



Donate now to support art that matters.

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Bucket Brigade is a fiscally sponsored program of Springboard for the Arts.

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