Sam’s Son (Fall 2017)

A new Prohibition-era Americana musical loosely inspired by the biblical story of Samson.


Gifted with unnatural strength, Sam Jr. wants to accomplish great things, but his reverend father seeks to shelter him from the wide world.  When a Prohibition agent comes digging for secrets in the town of Goode, Sam and his father get caught up in a tangled mission of truth, where lies get revealed at great cost.

Book and lyrics by Jeremiah Gamble

Music by Vanessa and Jeremiah Gamble

Musical arrangements by Michael Pearce Donley


• Directed by Sean Byrd

• Music Direction and Arrangements by Michael Pearce Donley

• Stage Managed by Jay Carlson

• Scenic Design by Katie Phillips

• Lighting by Courtney Schmitz

• Costumes by Nadine Grant-Daley

• Properties by Nate Farley

• Choreography by Betsy Mills

• Publicity by Joy Donley

• Technical Director Trevor Muller-Hegel


Featuring: Bonni Allen, Trevor Bunce, Pete Colburn, Jeremiah Gamble, Vanessa Gamble, Gail Ottmar, Riley Parham, Kayla Peters and Seth Tychon. Along with musicians Michael Pearce Donley on piano, Chris Erickson on upright bass/guitar/banjo, and Brian Lenz on guitar/banjo/mandolin.

OCTOBER 6th-28th


** JUST ADDED! 3PM Matinee, Saturday, October 28th **


Thursdays-Saturdays, 7:30pm
with added Pay-What-You-Can performance on Monday, October 16 @ 7:30pm

Art House North, 793 Armstrong Ave., Saint Paul, MN  55102

Tickets: $22 Thursdays, $27 Fridays/Saturdays
($3 off for students, seniors 65+, and groups of 10+. $5 off for groups 20+)


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A bit of history:

Writing for Sam’s Son began fall of 2016. The first batch of songs were  workshopped with Nautilus Music Theater’s Rough Cuts Series, March 2017. A second batch of songs was workshopped with Nautilus Music Theater’s Rough Cuts Series, May 2017. The show will premiere at Art House North, in Saint Paul, MN, October 2017.


From writer, Jeremiah Gamble:

“I’ve always been intrigued by the biblical story of Samson. And while this musical is not that story specifically, it is inspired by themes in the original story– purity, hypocrisy, tragedy, judgement, liberation. I saw that that the Prohibition era echoed some of those same themes and also has striking parallels with our country today– The deep polarization of our nation and how our moralizing and finger pointing can become a facade to hide our hypocrisy. The main theme of the show is truth: What is it? What do we do with it? And what happens when we tell it? I can’t think of a more timely topic to be exploring.”

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